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Feather websites
Blasco Zumeta’s site
A Spanish site with detailed verbal description, partial with photos of the birds.
J. Müller’s feather collection is of a more scientific nature (and will be further supplemented).

Feather Atlas USA
Large website of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Lab.
(concerning of course birds of the USA)
A comprehensive (English language) website operated by M. Klemann (NL). (that will also be further supplemented).

New website from A. Haase with many Non-European species.

A very detailed website about the science of feathers operated by E. Tyll.
A different kind of website with many species but with just a few feathers for each species. As compensation therefore, it offers very nice drawings of birds from Switzerland (by Agathe Müller & Philippe Frey – in the German language and partially in English and French).
A website operated by H. Lemke. (The website is currently under development and currently contains only songbirds).

A new site whitch is be in its initial stages (partially in English)

Other sites
German Birdnet
The observation platform for German birdwatchers (with current observations, forums, reports, links, travel reports and much more).
Nature Conservation

A website which describes the work of this group of the German Federation of Nature Conservation NABU (English)

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