A Concise Guide to the
Science of Feathers


This website will give you an initial overview of the subject of feathers whereby the information provided can only partially describe
the tremendous number of feather shapes and colors.

First, I will describe the general structure of feathers.
Here, you will find an overview of the distribution of the individual feathers on a bird's body.
The feather types will help you to determine the position of the feathers on a bird's body.
In this section, I explain a number of interesting facts about bird feather colors.
Feather markings and the way they influence the overall marking of birds reveal very interesting interrelationships.
The shedding of a bird's feathers is called the molt.
Understanding the molting process is important in identifying feathers.
Here, I describe a number of special attributes from the world of feathers to conclude this website.

You can find more information on the subject in Wikipedia, the publicly accessible Internet encyclopedia, under Feather.

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